New High Quality 28mm Wooden Gymnastic Rings – Sporting Elites

New High Quality 28mm Wooden Gymnastic Rings

$69.90 was $89.90

Our wooden gym rings provide an authentic and natural feel while executing muscle ups and other variants on the gym rings. These rings are ultra strong and can be set up quickly anywhere like pull up bars, trees, beams etc. These are different from the typical black rings which is made from polyurethene, and have a much better grip for chalk sticking and handling.

Our exquisite wooden gymnastics rings are made of high quality birch wood, carefully crafted and polished to produce a beautiful smooth finishing that feels good on the hands. These wooden rings provide superior feel and grip, making your workout a more enjoyable one. Our gym rings have been tested to be capable of holding 250kg of weight each.

Gym Rings: Birch Wood

Straps length: 4.8m

Strap width: 25mm

Max Load: 250kg