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2XU Non-Stirrup Compression Calf Guard

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Targeting the calf muscle, 2XU Calf Guards are a great muscle containment device that can be worn during training or competition. Supporting the calf muscle reduces muscle vibration allowing the calf muscle to operate more efficiently reducing fatigue and muscle cramping, increasing power and strength, and mitigating shin splint issues. The 2XU Calf Guards will protect your calves from fatigue, muscle soreness, and cramping while training and competing. Sold in pairs.

  • lycra-blend
  • Unisex non-stirrup calf guards for reducing fatigue and increasing strength during workouts
  • PWX Flex fabric offers extra calf and shin support while minimizing damage in the lower legs
  • Supports the calf muscles to reduce muscle vibration, allowing muscles to work efficiently
  • Reduces cramping and speeds up recovery once you've finished your workout
  • Ideal for training, racing, and recovery

Please refer to 2XU Size Chart to select the appropriate size.

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