IPPT Series: How to Train for the Push Ups Station

Posted on 16 Aug 19:38

The IPPT Push Ups Station scoring system is based on your age group, and the number of reps you are able to complete within one minute. The maximum point of 25 points requires up to 60 push up reps within a minute, depending on your age group.

Now, let us start with the push up standards that is required for each rep. The IPPT push up station requires the individual to have elbows are tucked by the side of the body. Many of us may be used to doing the wide push ups with the elbows further from the body and in a close to 90 degrees position from the body. Lower your body to the point that your chest touches your partner’s knuckle on the ground. Your body is to maintain a straight line position at all times while executing the push ups. This sums up what a standard push ups will be.

The push ups primarily uses muscles in your upper body, but they are actually a compound exercise that utilizes total-body strength. They can be done with only your bodyweight anywhere and anytime. Next, we shall move on to how you can train for your push ups. With our five tips!


1. Do it in Proper Form

Whether you are just beginning to workout doing push ups, or already capable to execute 20 push ups, doing it in proper form reaps the most benefits of all exercises. It allows you to improve on your push ups and also keeps you injury free. Make sure your body is moving as a unified unit and you are using the intended and appropriate muscles to initiate your movement. Bend your elbows to lower your chest close to the ground and use your upper-body strength to straighten your arms. Keep your neck in line with your spine and your hands about shoulder-width apart. You can ask a friend to watch your form or video down your workout, playback and watch your form. Improve on your push ups form from there.


2. Increase Your Resistance

Increasing your resistance will help you improve your push-ups. There are a few ways you can add resistance to your push ups. If you typically perform push-ups on your toes, elevate your feet by placing your toes on a step or platform. Another way to increase resistance is to use resistance bands for push ups. Increased resistance overloads your muscles allowing your muscle fibers to grow bigger and stronger. Perform your max reps with the added resistance.


3. Train Consistently

As the saying goes, to improve on something, you just gotta keep doing it. Keep doing push ups through out the day. You can do 3 sets of max rep push ups in the morning, another set in the afternoon and one more set at night. Perform this 3-4 times a week and see your performance grow.

4. Vary Your Workout

As mentioned earlier on, push ups utilizes your whole upper body muscles. While you are looking to improve your performance for push ups, you may also want to vary your workout exercises. . Push-ups depend on triceps and chest strength, it is important to train these muscle groups in isolation as well as train them during push-up practice. Exercises like bench press, triceps press, chin ups focus on building the upper body strength and these helps to build up your performance your push ups


5. Rest

While working out and squeezing out those push ups are what you are most game to do so, it is also important to allow your muscles to rest, recover and grow. Rest for a full day between days of intense push-up practice. During these days, do cardiovascular exercise or strength training that primarily targets the lower body. You can go for a run, or do weights training like squats. Rest well and you will be surprise at how much better you will be able to perform at your next training session.


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