IPPT Series: IPPT System Introduction and Overview

Posted on 10 Aug 11:36

As many of us may already know a new IPPT system has been rolled out for all to help all servicemen take better ownership of their fitness. The new IPPT system consists 3 stations, they are the Push Ups, Sit Ups and the 2.4m run station. From the original 5 stations (Chin Ups, Sit Ups, Shuttle Run, Standing Board Jump, 2.4km run) to the new 3 stations, these enables servicemen to focus their training on the upper body strength, core strength and the overall cardiovascular fitness. The new IPPT system is now point based scoring system to motivate servicemen to achieve personal excellence. The more reps that you do (Push Ups, Sit Ups), the higher points you get, and your incentive will be based on the accumulated points for the 3 stations. A Snap shot of the scoring system can be seen below.

For the IPPT Training Series, Sporting Elites will be explaining the standards of each station, training program for each station and tips on how to improve your performance for each station. Over the next three weeks, we will be covering the Push Ups Station, follow by the Sit Ups Station and lastly, the 2.4km Run Station.

Stay tune for our next article on “How to Train for IPPT Push Ups Station”!

Photo Credits: Mindef


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