Building a Home Gym: Chin-Up / Dips Station

Posted on 14 May 19:38

A Chin up and Dips station as the name suggest is a combination of a chin up and dips station. It is a two-in-one equipment which is a very useful addition to your home gym. The chin-ups and dips are said to be two out of the big four’s exercises to do. The equipment can also be used for hanging leg raises, which is a great ab exercise.

The picture below shows a chin-up/dips station.

There are several types of chin up/dips station sold in the local market. Some will have the chin up bar and the dips station on the same side, some may have the two facing opposite side. It will be better to get one that have the chin up bar and dips on the same side, as the equipment can be put against the wall when using for either purpose. There is no need to shift the equipment out to do either the dips or chin up. The one with the chin up bar and dips station on opposite sides may also take up more space, which is less preferred for a home gym. Also, when choosing a chin up/ dips station, be sure to look out for those which are stable.

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