Building a Home Gym: Space Area Available

Posted on 19 Apr 08:30

Space Area for Home Gym

Most of us stay in a HDB flat. The area available for us to build a home gym may be just half a room size, or perhaps 3m X 3m. The following post will provide information on how you can build your home gym in order to maximize the use of the space available.

 When you are not working out, all the equipments can be arranged in a compact manner, side by side to each other. This provides a neat and tidy look to the home gym. However, when working out, we would need to arrange the equipments to enable us to do the exercises that we want. 

 For example, if its chest day, we will be using mainly the bench, barbell and dumbells. You can place the bench in the middle of the space area. This is where a normal 1.5m barbell come sin handy instead of a standard Olympic size barbell. A 1.5m barbell allows a bigger range of workout area.

 After workout, just place the bench towards one side of the space(wall), this will make your room or the home gym area much neater. If you have other equipments like a squat rack or a chin up plus dip station, you can move them out of the room if you are not using them for that particular workout. It will be hard to move around with all equipments in the area.


A weight tree in this case would also be a good addition to your home gym collection. It enables you to rack up the weight plates instead of lining them flat on the floor, which will take up a much bigger space area.

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