How to Motivate Yourself to Start Exercising?

Posted on 25 Jun 19:48

Exercise Motivation

Everyone know that there are plenty of benefits if you exercise regular and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, not many people are putting their thoughts into action and start exercising at a regular basis. We have put together 5 ways you can use to motivate yourself to start exercising.

1. Start Saying “I Must” instead of “Maybe I Will”

The very first thing you should do is to plan out which days of the week you are going to exercise. It can be a short run, some bodyweight exercises or a swim. Instead of saying, “if I am free on Wednesday, I should be going for a run”. Once you have decided on the days to exercise, make sure you follow our plan and exercise on that day. A good plan would be to exercise every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This would ensure sufficient rest between each workout day and not make your feel tired both mentally and physically and result in having to drag your feet to your workout.

2. Be with People Who Love to Exercise

As the saying goes “Birds of the same kind flock together”. This is very true! If the people around you are all not interest in exercising and keeping a healthy lifestyle, chances are you will be leading the same kind of life. Have a training partner or joining an exercise group can be a very useful way to start your exercise routine. As you train together, you motivate each and share diet and fitness tips with each other.

3. To Get Yourself to Start feeling Healthy

Different people have different perspective of what’s looking good. But to look healthy is always similar everyone’s eyes. If you feel healthy, you are definitely going to look healthy too! You got to be working out regularly to start to feel healthy.

4. Reach for the Long Term Benefits

Exercising is a long process and it must be maintain in order to achieve he target that you have set for yourself. It can be to look healthy and to feel healthy. There are many long term benefits that exercising regularly can bring. It helps to maintain good joints, good stamina, good strength and the list goes on. By thinking about maintaining a healthy lifestyle for years to come should keep you motivated to exercise regularly.

5. Set a Goal and Work Towards it

Do you want to lose weight before your wedding, or do you want to achieve a Gold standard in your next IPPT? These goals are an extremely useful way to get yourself to start exercising regularly. The key is to always have such a goal and not go back to your old unhealthy lifestyle

Here you go the top 5 ways to keep in mind to get yourself exercising. Start today and never feel the same again!

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