Building a Home Gym: Budget for Your Gym

Posted on 12 Apr 10:31


This article will be targeted more towards student gym-ers, who have a budget limit for the purchasing of home gym equipments.
From the previous post, the essential equipments consist of the weight bench, a pair of dumbells and a barbell. The most expensive equipment of the three, will have to be the weight bench. Depending on the brand and manufacturing country, the price varies from around $150 up to a few hundred dollars. However, for students who are tight on budget, a bench around the price range of $150 will be good enough and its will be able to last you for years. 

A pair of adjustable dumbbell(10kg) would cost around $40 to $50 dollars. A piece of weight plate would cost around $2.90 to $3.50 per kg. You can first get a basic 10kg dumbbell set and then purchase more add-on weights when you have out worked the existing weights that you have.

A normal 1.5m barbell cost around $30 to $40 dollars in the market. A bar is a bar, so try to get the cheapest that you see in the market.

The above three equipments will cost a total of about $250 to $300. And it is definitely a good investment. when you have extra cash, you can start to purchase other home gym equipments to further improve your very own home gym.

Please note, it would be cheaper to purchase these equipments from a local online store rather than a retail store, as online stores do not have rental fees, bills and other expenses included in which make their equipments more expensive. On top of that, most of the online stores provide home delivery!!!

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