Top 3 Points To Note When Building a Home Gym

Posted on 27 Mar 18:14

 Building a home gym

Many people dream of having their own home gym where they can work out at any time of the day without having to waiting to use an equipment. So, what are the key points that you will have to take note while building a home gym? We have put together three key points here in this article.

Here are three points that we should take note of while designing a home gym.

1) The essential equipments

2)  Budget

3) Space area available

The Essential Equipments

We always see lots of fancy machines or equipments in a commercial gym. However, with a budget and space constraint, are we able to get them all?

Therefore, it is important to know which are the equipments that you really need for your home gym, with the essential equipments, you will be able to work out every part of your body without having to purchase those bulky and fancy machines!!! The essential equipments would include dumbbells, barbells, a weight bench etc.


Many 'gym-ers' dream of having a home gym where they do not need to queue up to use the weights, they are scream at the top of their voice while working out, and also work out in their own comfort area, home. However, the cost of the equipments will cost you a bomb!!! Therefore, it is important to set a budget for the equipments. A basic bench would cost around $150, a pair of dumbells around $80(depending on the weight), and a normal barbell around $50.

Space area available

Many Singaporeans live in HDB flats. Given a normal room, how do you maximise the space available and squeeze in all the equipments into a room where you need to study and sleep in? Before purchasing the equipments, make sure you measure the area of the space that you plan to have it for the home gym.  More articles will be written on how you can re arrange the equipments in order to maximise the space available.

We have given you the top three points to take note of while shopping for your ideal home gym equipments. We will be having articles to elaborate further on each of the points.

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