The Four Essential Strength Exercises for Every Runners

Posted on 13 Mar 18:09

Runners Pushups

We have talked about the benefits of strength training for runners in our previous articles. Not only does it helps to build muscles, but it also helps to strengthen your joints and bones. Strength training also give runners the explosive power that they need to finish strong. In this article, we will be covering four of the essential bodyweight exercises that every runner should add into their routine.

1) Squats

Squats are the single most effective exercise that you can perform to strengthen the entire lower body. It is a compound movement which utilizes multiple muscle groups when performed. Squats target the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, hip flexors, and glutes. Squats also work out your upper body. Yes, you read it right, squats uses your core muscles for stability. When executed correctly it also helps to strength the muscles around the knees. , they can also help strengthen your knees and prevent knee pain and injury.

2) Lateral Movements

Yes, running is about moving forward and only forward. However, it is also very important to train the muscles that are mostly used when the body is moving sideways or backwards. These exercises helps to increase the stability in the joints and also improve balance. This is especially important when doing trail running. Some examples of lateral movement exercises include, backward lunges, lateral lunges and lying double leg raises.

3) Pushups

Pushups is perhaps the most simple exercise to perform. You can do this before your run, after your run or even in your office. It does not require any equipments. Pushups helps to build upper body strength. It helps to strengthen the arms, chest, and shoulders, as well as the core, in one move, There are various styles of pushups that you can perform and these includes diamond pushups, wide pushups, spiderman pushups and narrow pushps.

4) Plank

As a runner, the core is as important as your legs are. The core muscles, which wrap around your torso like a corset, help you balance and support every step you take while running. A strong core and lower back muscles also help you run with better posture. The plank is one of the best ways you can train every muscle in your core. Similar to the pushups, the plank can be easily by anyone, and at any time.

We have covered the four essential bodyweight exercises that every runner should include in their routine. Perform these exercises well and you will start to see great improvement in your running performance.

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