Weights Training Myths for Runners

Posted on 8 Mar 09:39

Weight Traing Myths for Runners

Running and weights training do go hand in hand. For runners, strength training allow you to have better muscle endurance, sprint faster and maintain good running form. Especially if you are running long distances, it is very important to have good form when you are feeling fatigue, this helps to prevent injuries as well.

Most runners avoid weights training as they are afraid that it may bulk them up. However, they may not know that the added muscle actually provides them with more benefits than anything else for their running. Runners can adopt both a light weight high repetitions training or a heavy weight low repetitions training. We have compiled a list of weights training myths for runners.

1) As a Runner, I Only Need to Work on My Legs

  • A lot of runners feels that running woks out their legs and it’s the only exercise that they need for their legs. However, while running, only a certain muscle of your legs are being worked out, mostly the hamstrings and quadriceps. However, the legs only consists of other muscle groups like the glutes that are not worked out at all while running. By doing weight training for the glutes, it keeps the muscles balanced and your joints properly aligned. This also helps to improve your running efficiency ad reduce risk of injury.
  • 2) The Upper Body Does Nothing While Running

    Most runners believe that the upper body is actually not doing anything that helps in their running and therefore they do not need to work out their upper body. However, working out your upper body helps to improve your posture. For example, training your back, shoulders, chests muscles helps to get rid of rounded shoulders. It is also very important to balance your work out on your upper and lower body.

    3) My Abs, Do I Really Use it for Running?

    Another muscle groups that are always forgotten by runners is the abs. Having a strong abs provides stability while running. This helps to reduce unwanted and inefficient motion while running.

    4) Bodyweight Exercises are More Suitable for Runners

    Be it bodyweight exercises or weight training, it does the same thing, working out your muscles However, weight training does more to push your muscles to their limits. Heavy weight training pushes your muscles to grow and increase its strength to adapt to the new “need” of lifting heavy weights. Therefore, bodyweight exercises or weight training, it really depends on what equipments you have. We would definitely recommend weight training as far as possible.

    5) Do High Reps Weight Training To Build Muscle Endurance for Long Distance Running  

    The number of repetition or weights used may affect the outcome of the development of your muscles growth. However, either of these differs in terms of building muscle endurance. Doing High reps with Light weights or Low reps with Heavy weights provides the same benefits in terms of muscle endurance.

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