How to Incorporate Strength Training into Your Busy Running Schedule

Posted on 20 Mar 19:49

Active runners trains 5 to 6 times a week, clocking at least 40km per week. So are they going to incorporate strength training into their already tired and packed training schedule?

Scheduling these exercises isn’t difficult, follow the three tips below to make sure your strength sessions fit well with your running schedule.

1) Do the Weights for Post-Run and Moderate Effort Running Days

Strength workouts can be higher in intensity than a standard run, as such, do strength training after you run (immediately or later in the day) on moderate effort running days. Avoid doing them on your long run or max effort running days since you’ll already be fatigued from your running and keep your easy days easy, rest well for recovery. Lift light and high reps.

2) Weight Exercises to Aid in Reovery

Depending on the exercises you're doing, bodyweight sessions requires minimum effort and can be done on any day of the week. Do them right after you finish your run and they’ll help you warm-down properly by increasing your range of motion. By doing this, you’ll avoid a lot of the aches and pains that are too common with most runners. The bodyweight exercises help increase blood circulation in the muscles which aids in recovery. Start with just 10 minutes of strength bodyweight exercises (or 4-6 exercises) after your run and build from there.

3) Build slowly.

Once you’re comfortable with the basic exercises, start increasing your reps or weight to your routine. Make sure you’re mixing up different exercises to work out the full body. Compound movements are a great exercises to perform.


In conclusion

When you’re doing 10 to 20 minutes of strength work each day, your injury risk will decrease dramatically, allowing you to run more, train faster, and ultimately race faster. It helps to strengthen the muscles and joints that is so important in improving your running.

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