New Year's Resolution: Starting Exercising!

Posted on 2 Jan 19:32

New Year's Resolution

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Year 2015 is here, What are your New Year's Resolution?

One of the most popular New Year's Resolution is......."To start exercising and keeping fit!"

New Year's Resolution to lose weight is also one of the common ones that we always hear.

If this is also one of your New Year's Resolution for Year 2015, read on to find out how you can make this wish come true. 

1) Plan it, Get a program, Follow it.

Everything starts with a plan, and then following the plan. Set a target like and plan how you are going to achieve that target. Beginners can start their running by first setting a target like, being able to run 5km non-stop, being able to complete a 5km run within 30mins and more. From there, start your planning. The plan can consist of a workout schedule, run twice a week on every Wednesdays and Saturdays etc. Once you planned it, make sure to stick to it and start running on the scheduled days. 

2) Tell Everyone Your New Year's Resolutions

Tell your friends, family, and colleagues what you’re planning to accomplish. You will be held to your goals as they constantly ask you how you’re doing with your running. Get your family members to remind you on your scheduled workout days to go for your run. When everyone starts asking you or reminding you about your New Year's Resolutions, chances are you will be working hard to achieve it, least to prove to them that you are determined to achieve it. 

3) Make a Bet with Your Friends

Bet a meal or two with your friends. Get competitive and bet a friend that you will run twice a week, be able to run 5km under 30 minutes. You will be afraid of losing out. This will make you want to work harder and win that bet. You win the bet, get healthier and win a meal. That's a good bet! 

4) When Planning, Make it Convenient

Imagine finishing a long day at work and having to travel from Jurong East to Orchard for workout in the gym that you have signed membership at. Mostly likely you will be drained out from the travelling and not be able to work hard enough during your workouts. Or worst still, you will not even go to the gym. A workout can be a simple run around your neighborhood, simple circuit body-weight workout at home. Finish your workout, shower, eat your dinner, watch some TV, and you are ready for bed. Make the workout convenient for you and you will be more movtivated to go for it. 

5) Stick with it for 30 days

Studies have shown that once you start doing something for a month, it becomes a habit. And we think that its true! Stick to your workout plans for a month. The first month will be difficult, but the second, third and many more months will be a breeze. It will become a habit for you to go for your runs or to do your routine workouts. In fact, if you missed a workout in the second month, you will feel weird for not being able to workout. 

Start your New Year's Resolutions with this 5 tips in mind!


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