Meeting Your Hydration Needs

Posted on 26 Dec 22:06

Staying hydrated while running is always important, especially when you are running in the hot weather of Singapore. But figuring out how to carry your water and sports drinks on the run is not always easy. There are a number of ways you can bring your hydration sources along for your runs, these includes Handheld Bottle, Hydration Bottle Waist Belt, and a Hydration Pack. 

1) Handheld Bottle

Camelbak Quickgrip Handheld Bottle

If you are running for more than a few km, you probably need to keep yourself hydrated. Handheld running water bottles are gear for runs that are less than 15km, however this will vary from individual hydration needs. Handheld water bottles allows you to bring anything from 100ml to 700ml of drinks on the go. There are many handheld water bottles now in the market which are designed to stay comfortable and you will not even remember that you are actually holding on to a bottle. Brands include Nathan Sports, Amphipod, Camelbak, Nike and many more. Handheld bottles normally comes with a small zippered pocket which allows you to small along some energy gels, mp3 player and keys. The Camelbak Podium Chill has received great reviews for it's high quality and the number of functions packed into it's small zippered pocket. .

2) Hydration Bottle Waist Belt 

Fuelbelt Hydration Belt

If you do not like having to carry or hold onto a bottle in your hands while running, a hydration bottle waist belt may be the solution to that. A hydration bottle waist belt as the name suggest, the runner wears it around his/her waist. It allows you to bring one or multiple bottles for your run. Be sure to test out the waist belt before you make the purchase, a well fitted waist belt ensures that the bottles do not bounce up and down while you are running. Many of the hydration waist belt consists of zipper pocket which allows you to bring energy gels, mp3 players and keys. Brands include Nathan Sports, Fuel Belts, Camelbak and many more. 

3) Hydration Pack 

Camelbak Hydration Pack

The hydration Pack allows you to bring the highest capacity of water that you will ever need. You can bring up to 3 litres of drinks for your long runs. You wear the hydration pack as if you are carrying a back pack. This is where a very well fitted hydration pack becomes very important. When purchasing a hydration pack, make sure that you choose the correct size. Many hydration pack comes with multiple zipper pocket at the front and back of the pack. you can bring along energy gels, mp3 players, snacks and keys. Some even allows you to squeeze in a raincoat or jacket for wet weather. The hydration pack is especially useful for a trail runner where water can not always readily available. 

We have covered the three types of hydration gears that you can carry for your runs. Be sure to stay hydrated and drink up for your runs!

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