For Beginners: Starting to Run

Posted on 9 Jan 22:10

Running For Beginners


The toughest is always to start....Yes, Running for beginners and starting your running routine is always the toughest. You feel like your legs are giving up on you within the first 1km, you feel that you're getting out of breathe. We been there, and we've done that. Follow the tips below if you are a beginner looking to start your running routine.


Start with slow jogs/walks.

Many people started out wrongly by going too fast. Soon, they will find themselves out of breathe. Lack of motivation starts to set in. Over at Sporting Elites, we strongly courage beginners to start off by going for slow jog or walks. When we said slow jogs, we meant really slow. You shouldn't be gasping for air, a comfortable slow jog is all you need. For beginners who are finding it hard to have a jog, start with walk, fast walking. It's no shame to start with walking. Even the professionals start from somewhere, ya?

Start with a 10 minutes slow jog. Once you are comfortable with the 10 minutes slow jog, increase it to 12 mins slow jog. Subsequently, aim to finish the same distance run within a shorter timing. 

Listen to Your Body.

It's common to feel that your legs are giving out, or muscle aches in your quadriceps and calves when you first started running. In fact, even if you are not a beginner anymore, it is common to feel muscle aches. However, do note that some body pain are not to be ignored. Any sharp pains in your joints or muscles could mean injuries and you are strongly encouraged to stop running. Attend to the pain as soon as possible and seek medical help. See a doctor if pain persists. Panting is also normal but it's definitely not normal to be constantly gasping for air. Listen to your body, push your body to the limit but not beyond it's limits. 

Be in the proper attire

No fancy gears need for beginner, that's what they said, All you need is proper running clothes and a good pair of running shoes. Refer to our blog post "What is the Best Running Clothes for a Beginner" and "How to Choose the Correct Pair of Running Shoes". You can find the two articles by clicking the link below.

1) "What is the Best Running Clothes for a Beginner"

2) "How to Choose the Correct Pair of Running Shoes" 

Choosing the Correct Running Route

Choosing the correct route is very important for a beginner. You wouldn't want to go for a route full of up slopes or uneven running ground. For a beginner, we would recommend a running route that is flat for most of the distance. A park is a good place to start running. Go for a few rounds around the park, get use to the breathing. Going to the stadium and running on the tracks is also a good choice for beginners. Running on soft tracks also helps to reduce impact on your joints. Once you are comfortable with your body and the runs, start to explore other running routes outside the park or stadium. 

Take short walking breaks 

It's alright to take a short walking break between your run if you really feel the need to. Ignoring what your body needs is strongly discouraged here in Sporting Elites. For example, take a 1 min break for every 6 mins of run. This allow your body to slowly builds up the stamina and prepare for the next round of running. 

Keeping yourself hydrated 

Remember to always keep your body hydrated. Drink before, in between and after your run. Many beginners do not bring water out for a run, or they may even skip having a sip of water even if there is a water cooler nearby. It is always important to keep your body hydrated especially if you are running under the hot sun or warm weather. Always remember, drink up before a run, have few sips of water in between your runs and drink up again after your run.  

Keeping in mind the tips in regards to running for beginners, it's time to start running!

Good luck for your run!

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