Storage Gear for Your Workout

Posted on 6 Feb 21:31

Whether you are going for a short run or a marathon, often you are not just bringing yourself for the run, but a whole bunch of stuff! This is where storage gear comes in as an important piece of accessory for your workouts. There are many types of storage gears in the market today. From waist belt to hydration packs, you're certainly spoilt for choices for your storage gear for running. 

1) Waist Belt

A waist belt allows runners to carry stuff like energy gels, hydration bottles and mp3 player for their runs. The key thing to look out for when choosing a waist belt is to look for one that is lightweight and fits nicely to your waist such that it does not bounce. There are waist belts that comes with compartments meant with small hydration bottles. Brands like Ultimate Direction, Nathan Sports etc. Whether to get a waist belt with small hydration bottles would depend on your needs. There are also waist belts that are only meant for carrying small stuff like energy gels, keys, mp3 players. 


Running with a friend       Nathan Sports Hydration Belt

2) Handheld Bottles with Zipper Pockets

Isn't Handheld Bottles supposed to be a hydration bottle and not something for storage of your stuff? There are many handheld bottles that comes with a small zipper pocket. These zipper pockets are often just sufficient for storing 2 packets of energy gels or a mp3 players. However, it gives you the convenience of bringing only one piece for gear for both your hydration bottle and energy gels. Nathan Sports Handheld bottles comes with a slightly bigger zipper pocket that can hold 2 packets of energy gels and a small mp3 players all together. Camelbak Podium Chill comes with a small zipper pocket, similar to the Nathan's one, you can store your MP3, energy gels or keys in it.


Nathan Sports Handheld Bottle  

 3) Backpacks

When we say backpacks, we are not referring to the big and bulky backpacks that you carry to school or work, A running backpacks can come with or without a hydration pack in it. Brands like Salomon, Camelbak produces great backpacks for running. Follow the three tips when choosing a running backpack. 

Salomon Hydration Pack

Backpack with waist and chest straps

This is perhaps the most important factor when buying a running backpack. A normal backpack often bounces up and down when you run in it. Not only does this slows you down, but it also causes problems like chafing. With a waist and chest straps in place, the backpack holds steadily to your body. This allows you to concentrate on your run and even forget that you are carrying a backpack. 

A Light Backpack

Runners carry with them energy gels, hydration packs, mp3 players for their long runs. Some may even carry a jacket for the cold weather. These adds weight to the run, It is therefore very important to get a backpack that is light weight. Look out for the material that the backpack is made of, this will largely determine the weight of the backpack.

A Breathable Backpack

Like mentioned, the backpacks wraps around your back. For runners that sweat heavily even for a short run, the body heat may be too much to handle. A breathable bag would allows better air ventilation. Some backpacks come sin mesh type material for the part that are against the runner's back. Lookout for these features for better air ventilation. 

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