Should I Wear Shorts Over My Compression Tights?

Posted on 21 Dec 16:33

Compression wear or tights has been in the market for quite some time. The best fitted compression wear should be like a second layer of skin. However, it is this property of acting like a second layer of skin that got most men to think of wearing shorts over the tights. 

There comes the question of "Should I wear shorts over my compression tights?"

For men, one of the biggest reason why they wore shorts over their compression tights is modesty. Unless you are spiderman, most men when they first put on a compression tight will that bit of awkwardness. Even stepping out of the house in a compression tights is bad enough, let alone participating in a marathon with thousands of runners, both men and women.

Spiderman Compression

However, here at Sporting Elites, we believe that you may be losing the benefits of a compression tights with shorts on. it's like wearing a shorts over your swim wear and going for a swim. But well, this is totally up to the individual. We would say, it's more of a confidence thing more than a modesty issue. Doing training runs alone in a compression tights may feel awkward, however during a marathon, with hundreds or thousands of others wearing the same thing (compression tights), confidence build up, ya? 

Runners running in colder weather sometimes wear a compression tights with a shorts over it to provide extra warmth to the lower body. Runners running in a hot weather on the other hand would prefer to be as cool as possible. Fear of the tights tearing when running a marathon may be another reason why some runners choose to put on a shorts over their compression tights. But this problem can be solved with high quality compression tights from brands like 2XU, SKINS etc.

Compression tights are definitely getting more and more popular in Singapore, especially among runners. Therefore, with the number of people wearing compression tights, just the compression tights alone during a marathon should give men or women the confidence to not put on a pair of shorts over it. 

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