Choosing the Right Running Socks

Posted on 11 Dec 19:42

As all runners would know, besides having the correct pair of running shoes, the correct pair of running socks play an even more important role! 

There is a huge variety of running socks in the market today. No more just the old school white socks that we used to wear to school. 

Running socks today comes in many different types, materials, thicknesses, length and sizes. 

Types of Running Socks

Running Toe Socks

Running socks comes in two types, the toe socks or the normal socks. The main difference between these two is that the toes socks have individual "compartment" for each toes to go into. This is much preferred for some as it prevents contact of individual toes, eliminating the skin to skin friction and thus prevent blisters. With each toes wrap in the individual sleeves, the feet will be drier and more comfortable. Some users may find it weird or uncomfortable to be wearing the toe socks to the individual sleeves for each toe. However, once you get used to the feeling of being in toe socks, you will never turn to normal socks again.


Perhaps the most important factor to take note of when choosing a running socks is the material. 

Stay away from 100% cotton socks! 

Reason being, once the cotton socks gets wet, it stays wet. The moisture from your sweat wont get wicked away. This will in turn cause blisters to form and also uncomfortable to be in a pair of soaked and heavy socks. Running socks that are made from synthetic materials such as polyester and acrylic because they wick the moisture away. 


Some thicker socks are being advertised to provide extra cushioning. While this may be true, it is totally up to the individual's choice when choosing socks of different thickness. Some runners like thicker socks for the extra cushioning while others may prefer thin socks for a light feel. The thicker sock can also helps to better fit the running shoe. It is therefore important to try out your running shoes in the running socks that you will be wearing. 


Socks Length

The 3 main types of socks length are micro, mini-crew and crew. 

The micro are the "invisible" length. These socks rest below the ankles. When wore with running shoes, you wouldn't be able to notice the socks being there. 

The mini-crew are slightly above the ankles. These ensures that the whole feet is being wrapped around up till above the ankle. These are useful in preventing blisters behind the heels of the foot. 

The crew length reaches up to the mid calf height. It gives the "old school" kind of look while fulfilling the role of the socks. 


Choose the correct pair of running socks for the extra comfort during your runs!


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