Different Types of Compression Wears for Sports Part I

Posted on 4 Dec 19:38

Compression sportswear is usually worn by athletes. Compression sportswear are usually made of  spandex-type material which tight fitting and also stretchable.There are many types of compression garments that serve a similar function, such as compression shirts, tights and sleeves


Compression Shirts

2XU Compression Shirts

Compression shirts can be worn as a undergarment or as a shirt by itself. Compression shirts are tight fitting shirts which wraps around the upper body of the wearer. They provide compression and restrict excessive muscle movements during sports. Different types of compression shirts made for different weather helps to keep the sportsmen cool or warm while working out. Wearing a tight, supportive shirt after sports or weightlifting can apply the kind of pressure that has been proven to cut down on swelling and inflammation. A compression shirt comes in both long sleeves and short sleeves. Brands of compression shirts include 2XU, SKINS, CW-X etc.

Compression Tights

2XU Compression Tights

Compression tights can be worn as a undergarment or as a shorts/tights by itself. A compression tights/shorts wraps around the lower body of the wear. The compression tights covers from waist down to just above the ankle. While a compression short covers from waist down to above the knee. The compression tights/shorts provide compression to the thighs, glutes and the calves (for tights). The compression reduces muscle vibration during workouts. It only aids in improvement of lower body blood circulation. The compression tights/shorts being like a second layer of skin helps to prevent chafing between the thighs. This is especially useful for long distance runners. Brands of compression tights include 2XU, SKINS, CW-X etc.

In Part II of "Different Types of Compression Wears for Sports ", we will be explaining on the compression sleeves.

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