Sports Cap for Everyone

Posted on 30 Nov 16:44

A sports cap has become an important accessory for many when doing sports or working out. Whether it’s to shade your eyes from the sun, keep the rain off your face or protect your scalp from the elements, a running cap is a lightweight solution.  There are mainly two different types of sports cap, a cap and a visor.

A Cap

Running Cap

The cap provides not only a shade for your eyes, but it also acts as a protection layer for your hair or scalp from the hot sun. Most sports cap have breathable mesh which allows the best air ventilation. The backs are adjustable to accommodate different head shapes and sizes.


A Visor

Running Visor

Like a normal cap, the visor also provides a shade for your eyes. The only difference is that a visor has no top cover. The visor allows the hair to be exposed to the outside of it. A visor would be preferred by some for the added ventilation that it provides compared to a normal cap. Most of the head bands of the visor also help to prevent sweat from getting into the wearer's eyes by absorbing the sweat as it rolls down the forehead. The visor would definitely be the preferred choice for sports players or runners staying the the sun for a long period of time. Like the cap, most visor's backs are adjustable to accommodate different head shapes and sizes.


Be it a cap or a visor, either of these are most recommended if you are staying in the sun for long period of time. As mention both provides various benefits. Oh, did we mention that a visor allows you to style up your hair even when doing sports?

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