What is the Best Running Clothes for a Beginner?

Posted on 22 Nov 11:56

So you decided to start running, one of the first question that will come to your mind is "What should I wear when running?"

For a beginner, what you really need to have is a set of comfortable running attire, a simple t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Of course a good pair of running shoes too. We will be discussing about running shoes in another post.

Running Clothes

What Clothes to Wear While Running

When you first get started with running, you don't need to rush out and buy fancy running clothing. Especially for beginners, you may be wondering what running gears do you need etc. Just wear comfortable clothes that you would exercise in.

Running Top

A good running top would be a dri-fit singlet. Be it for man or women, a dri-fit singlet would enable your body to lose the heat after warming up. Instead of containing the heat and the huge amount of sweat when running, the dri fit material would help to wicks away moisture and keeps you dry and comfortable. A singlet also allows maximum air ventilation. You can also consider a dri-fit T-shirt if you prefer to have some short sleeves.

As compared to wearing a cotton t-shirt, the cotton t-shirt actually absorbs the sweat. By absorbing the sweat, it actually becomes heavier as you sweat more. This will also cause problems like chafing. 

For women, it is best to have a good supportive sports bra. A good sports bra should fit you properly and provide the required support when running. 

Running Bottom

Look for a soft fabric that will wick moisture and will be breathable. By all means, stay away from cotton and nylon.  these materials absorbs sweat and causes chafing in between the thighs. Shorts are sold in a variety of lengths noted by the inseam measurement. Starting with the very short 1" and extending to 7". This is a matter of personal preference. Do take into account the issue of chafing if your inner thighs tends to rub against each other when running. A longer length may help for this. 

You can see that there is a great variety of running apparel in the market today. Choose what you are comfortable in, put in on and start your run. If your budget allows, you can also take a look at compression wears. We will be having an article on compression wears. The article will cover the types of compression wear and the benefits of wear them. 


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