Interview with Fitness Enthusiast: Lynnette Koh Part II

Posted on 14 Feb 00:00

Fitness Enthusiasct Lynnette Koh

At just 22 years of age, the Sport Science and Management student has done it all. Lynnette Koh not only enjoy running, but she also have great passion for rock climbing. Best of all, she is a PTI for the Singapore Army! Read on for Part II our interview with the cheerful and sporty Lynnette.

9) Sporting Elites: How has rock-climbing nurtured you as a person?

Lynnette: Sport climbing has opened up many opportunities for me. It teaches me perseverance in a whole new level. It also taught me to come back stronger and never back down from failure. Back in 2013, I fractured my wrist and had to undergo surgery to get a metal plate and screws inserted. The process to get back into the sport was long and painful but it showed me that any adversity can be overcome as long as you want it bad enough and don't give up.  I also love how climbing allows you to travel all over the world and meet really awesome people who share the same passion.


10) Sporting Elites: To be able to take part in such physical demanding events, you got to be working real hard. What is a weekly fitness routine for you like?

Lynnette: I climb about 4 times a week, of which some sessions consist of PT and conditioning exercises like pull ups, pushups, and core workout. I also run about 3 times a week because it feels good to be fit and not out of breath when you need to run after the bus or rush to places haha!

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11) Sporting Elites: What or who motivates you to keep going and pushing yourself to the limits?

Lynnette: I love what I do, I love sports, I love how I live my life so I'll continue to keep doing what I love to do because if it doesn't make you happy, then you have no reason to do it! So I think the motivation comes from within myself!


12) Sporting Elites: What nutrition plan fuelled your body? How is your daily diet like?

Lynnette: Honestly, I eat whatever I feel like eating. I do eat fast food but of course not on a daily basis. I only eat it like once a week. I stay on campus in NTU so I'll just eat whatever food that the hall canteen have and of course no university life is complete without those maggie mee or cup noodle suppers when you're hungry and there's no other healthier choices avaliable. But I do love fruits and veggies too! However, I can never go vegetarian because I love meat just as much:D 


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13) Sporting Elites: Which workout regime works best for you in terms of maintaining your fitness and of cause staying lean and fit?

Lynnette: I train with NTU Cross Country which definitely maintains my fitness from all that running. I think the combination of running and the fact that climbing works on your whole body results in a really lean body of mine.


14) Sporting Elites: As a rock-climber, you must have amazing upper body strength, how do you ensure that your legs strength development keeps up with the upper body?

Lynnette: I run a lot. Probably a lot more than any other competitive climber in Singapore. In 2014, I ran my first marathon just before going for a sport climbing competition. Yup, all the other climbers thought that I’m crazy to do so. Running is such an awesome sport that I wouldn't know what I’d do without it! Running has perhaps allowed me to train up my legs to manage my bodyweight which is very important for sport climbing.

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15) Sporting Elites: What are your future fitness plans?

Lynnette: I guess since I'm studying Sport Science, I will definitely be doing something related to sports and fitness. Currently, I am working part time as a climbing coach/instructor and also as a fitness instructor. So I'll definitely utilise my knowledge gained from the Sport Science degree and excel further in the future!


16) Sporting Elites: What advice do you have for readers of Sporting Elites who wants to start working out and leading a healthy lifestyle?

Lynnette: Try something, anything. Exercising, working out, it's addictive. Once you find a sport or workout that you love, I can assure you that you'll love the feeling of being fit and healthy. Not only does it keep you fit and healthy, the next time you run after the bus you can look cool and fit while the person next to you probably feels like dying from that sprint ;)

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