Interview with Fitness Enthusiast: Lynnette Koh Part 1

Posted on 31 Jan 12:21
Fitness Enthu Lynnette Koh

At just 22 years of age, the Sport Science and Management student has done it all. Lynnette Koh not only enjoy running, but she also have great passion for rock climbing. Best of all, she is a PTI for the Singapore Army! Read on for our interview with the cheerful and sporty Lynnette.

1) Sporting Elites: Hi Lynnette, Can you introduce yourself to the readers of Sporting Elites?

Lynnette: Hi! I'm Lynnette! I'm 22 years old this year and currently a year 2 student studying Sport Science and Management at NTU.

2) Sporting Elites: What are the different sports that you have done or are currently doing?

Lynnette: Sport climbing is my main sport however I love running to keep fit and enjoy swimming and cycling too!

Rocking Climbing

3) Sporting Elites: How did your fitness journey begin?

Lynnette: I started actively participating in sports in secondary school, from sport climbing, to track, soccer and volleyball. Really love being active!


4) Sporting Elites: How did your passion for fitness emerge?

Lynnette: I think I started taking fitness more seriously when I worked as a PTI for the army at 19 and we had to go through certain courses before we could start working. It was then that I learned a lot about the human anatomy, nutrition, and training regimes from both my colleagues and lecturers.

Lynette Koh Fitness Girl

5) Sporting Elites: What are the competitive sporting events that you have taken part in?

Lynnette: I have competed in both climbing competitions and running races in Singapore.


6) Sporting Elites: We understand that you are into rock-climbing. Can you tell us more about the sport and why the love for it?

Lynnette: Rock climbing is often thought of as a physically demanding sport that requires a lot of upper body strength however the core, body tension and legs play just as an important part. Girls are not as physically strong compared to guys so we really rely on our core and legs to perform well. The sport is pretty amazing because it never gets boring as we are continuously trying new 'routes' and the climbing community is the best 2nd family you could ask for.

 Lynnette Koh Fitness Girl

7) Sporting Elites: What are the various rock-climbing competitions you are participated in?

Lynnette: Besides participating in local competitions, I have also competed overseas in international competitions in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia. 


8) Sporting Elites: What are your personal best for some of the competitions?

Lynnette: I think 2015 was a pretty good year for me as I managed to represent NTU and get 1st for both the bouldering and lead discipline for National Schools. I also managed to qualify for this year's National Team by coming in 1st for the Lead National Trials and gained the chance to represent Singapore at the Asian Climbing Championships in China last November.

Lynnette Koh Fitness Girl

Stay tune for Part II of our interview with fitness enthusiast, Lynnette Koh!