Interview with Fitness Enthusiast: Cher Part I

Posted on 13 Sep 10:19

Cher Interview with Fitness Enttsiast

Marathons, Triathlons, and even the Full Iron Man Event, this "Iron Man" has done it all. Meet Cher, a civil servant who loves to push himself to his limits and takes part in races that not many are able to complete. Read on for Part I of Our Interview with Cher.


1) Sporting Elites: Hi Cher, Can you introduce yourself to the readers of Sporting Elites?

Cher: Hi, I'm Cher, 30 years old, weighing 66.5kg at a height of 175cm. Currently I'm a civil servant.


2) Sporting Elites: What are the various Sporting Events that you have taken part in?

Cher: I participated more in running events like SCMS, The North Face 100 ultra-marathon. This year, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in Tokyo Marathon and also, I became a triathlete at the beginning of year 2014. I just completed my first ever full Ironman in Taiwan which consisted of a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.195km of full marathon.


3) Sporting Elites: What inspired you to participate in so many different events?

Cher: I am inspired by friends who are constantly doing trail running, marathons and also colleagues who are doing triathlons. My curiosity and the ability to push my limit further makes me want to participate in more sporting events.


4) Sporting Elites: What are the top achievements from all the sporting events?                           

Cher: I would say the top achievements would be to achieve my first Sub 4 (3 hours    45 mins) for the Tokyo Marathon 2015 and also to complete my first full Ironman in Taiwan within 17 hours.


5) Sporting Elites: What is the toughest sporting event that you have taken part in so far?

Cher: I would have to say that the toughest event would be Ironman Taiwan which          consists of 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.195km of run.


6) Sporting Elites: What are your main area of sports interest?

Cher: I love cardio. So I would say, running will be my main interest.


7) Sporting Elites: When did you start working out actively? And what was your inspiration?

Cher: I started out working actively around December 2013 when I first purchased a TT bike from my colleague and that motivated me to train daily and looking forward to achieve my Ironman goal.


 8) Sporting Elites: What is your weekly workout regime like?

Cher: My weekly routines are as such - Monday - Swim Tuesday - Core and strengthening Wednesday - Bike Thursday - Calisthenics and some weights training Friday - Run Saturday - Bricks training consist of either swim and run or bike and run. Sunday - Rest day.


Photo Credits: Cher

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