Interview with Fitness Enthusiast: Gladys Leong Part II

Posted on 26 Jul 10:00

9) Sporting Elites: For a beginner, would you recommend a full body workout or a spilt body workout?

Gladys: I will always recommend a full body workout for beginners. Start with 2 body parts like what I do and end off with abs and then some Cardio like brisk walking or swimming.


10) Sporting Elites: Can you recommend a workout routine for a lady who is looking to lose weight and build muscle but has never work out before?

Gladys: For Ladies who are just starting off. I would recommend twice a week of Cardio. And for the rest of the week, arms, legs, back and core training example planking, bodyweight squats. Bicep curls and shoulder raises with a resistant band.

 11) Sporting Elites: What nutrition plan fuelled your body? How is your daily meals like?

Gladys: 2 eggs in the morning, lunch is one simple carb (brown rice, rice or Quinoa) one Meat Chicken, beef or fish and one serving of Vegs. Dinner is carb less just meat and Vegs.  I always kick-start my lunch and dinner with a slice of pineapple 30mins before.


12) Sporting Elites: Can you recommend a sample clean diet for our readers?

Gladys: Any meal with 1 simple carb, lean chicken, beef or fish and a serving of veg is clean. No gravy and sauces if possible.

13) Sporting Elites: Other than bodybuilding, are you also taking up other sports?

Gladys: I used to be a swimming coach before this and my other sport would be swimming


14) Sporting Elites: What or who motivates you to live such an active and healthy lifestyle?

Gladys: My kids and loved ones as well as my clients motivates me as I need to be in shape to keep up with my kiddos' pace and play and my clients look up to me as their living example.

15) Sporting Elites: How does sports & fitness nurtured you as a person?

Gladys: It made me more cautious of my foods as well as help me advice those who I care for better, in the sense of health and well-being.


16) Sporting Elites: What are your future fitness plans?

Gladys: My future plans would be to improve my physique for competitions and learn more different training techniques to help my clients.


17) Sporting Elites: What advice do you have for readers of Sporting Elites who wants to start working out and leading a healthy lifestyle?

Gladys: Always start slow, don't give yourself excuses as persistence and consistency is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Everything in moderation and keep in mind that fitness is a lifestyle and not a chore.

 Thank you Gladys for the great interview!

Photo Credits: Gladys Leong


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