Interview with Fitness Enthusiast: Gladys Leong Part I

Posted on 17 Jul 12:29

Gladys Leong Hercules Fitness

Gladys Leong, 35, Mommy of 3 Boys Motivates & Helps Mommies and Ladies to keep fit. She is also a Personal Trainer at Hercules Fitness & Model Physique Competitor. Check out Part I of our interview with Gladys to find out how she keeps herself in such a good shape and condition.

1) Sporting Elites: Hi Gladys, Welcome to Sporting Elites! Can you introduce yourself to the readers of Sporting Elites?

Gladys: Hi, I'm Gladys Leong! I’m a personal trainer at Hercules Fitness Gym and also a mom of 3 boys.


2) Sporting Elites: How did your fitness journey begin?

Gladys: It begun when I was severely Bulimic at the age of 17. It struck me one day that doing what I did would only harm my body and my loved ones and so I started working out.


3) Sporting Elites: How did your passion for fitness emerge?

Gladys: My Passion Started when I realized that I could do wonders if I believe in myself and I can help moms and Ladies overcome their weight issues thru my FB page NoFlabMommas especially for busy working moms.


4) Sporting Elites: What are the different fitness competition you have taken part in? And what are your achievements?

Gladys: I took part in various fitness figure competition and these are my achievements. 2013 NutriGirl Fitness Pageant, 2014 Bodybuilding Singapore Bikini Fitness below 1.6m 5th place, 2015 April WBPF Women Model Physique 2nd Place below 1.6m


5) Sporting Elites: You look amazing for a 35 years old, Mummy of 3 boys! How did you managed to not only maintain your figure but went beyond and having such a fit and lean body?

Gladys: I try to eat as clean as I can and when I know I have upcoming events or 'fests' I will make sure I do more cardio and also reduce my sodium and fat intake for my other meals before that. Exercise makes one feel more energetic and naturally look more radiant and youthful.


6) Sporting Elites: What is a weekly fitness routine for you like?

Gladys: I do a spilt body routine where arms, shoulders, legs and chest days are spread out evenly with 2 days of cardio which consist of slow jogs or swimming.


7) Sporting Elites: Which workout regime works best for you in terms of maintaining a lean and fit body? Do you focus on more cardio or weights training?

Gladys: Weight Training works better for me as it targets my areas perfectly and helps build up my nome density and shapes me up.


8) Sporting Elites: How is a daily routine for you like as a personal trainer? 

Gladys: Daily Routine for me as a personal trainer, I start off the day going to the market to get meats and Vegs to prepare diet meals for my clients. Typically, I will have Breakfast and then start off the day with either some Cardio eg brisk walk or Elliptical if I have no morning classes. For my daily Workout, t would consist of 2 body parts eg Arms, Shoulders and end off with Abs Or Back & Chest ending off with Abs Leg days are solely all legs.

Photo Credits: Gladys Leong

Stay tune for Part II of our interview with Gladys Leong!


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