Interview with Fitness Ethusiast: Jayve Goh Part II

Posted on 10 Jul 17:13

Also known as Jayve Macfudge, this 22 years old girl is not just a normal fitness enthusiast but also a charity athlete with a heart of gold. Besides taking part in running races, fishing and all kind of sporting events, Jayve has also adopted Singapore Cancer Society (SC) and Handcycling Association Singapore (HAS). Read on for Part II of our interview with Jayve Goh.

10) Sporting Elites: What or who motivates you to keep going and pushing yourself to the limits?

Jayve: My partner has always been my pillar of support. I'm very grateful he shares the same motivation to race for a cause. If he isn't racing by my side, he is my support crew. By complementing each other, we constantly push to achieve more for our adopted charities. Over the years of volunteering, the kids and their parents at HAS have become a big family. Knowing that the HAS team is growing, and that more runners are now aware of opportunities to race for a cause, inspires us to keep doing what we do.

11) Sporting Elites: What nutrition plan fuelled your body? How is your daily diet like?

Jayve: I don't count calories. Calories equate to flavor points. Haha. However I eat in moderation. For eample, instead of finishing the entire chocolate bar today, I leave some for tomorrow. Hahah ok, jokes aside. I am a fan of grilled/ oven baked food. So most of my proteins are prepared that way, I love my fruits and veggies so I make smoothies out of it. But at this point, I'm just really missing all my Singapore delights... I would kill for satays and carrot cake now!! Hahaha 

12) Sporting Elites: We understand that you are a charity athlete, can you tell us more about it?

Jayve: So I started racing for a cause 3 years back, we adopted Singapore cancer society, for personal reasons. I took on a personal challenge to run an ultra-marathon to raise money and I was surprised and delighted at the amount of support I received. Then a year later, I was competing at a cycling race, and I met a few hand cyclist who were competing. I had a casual chat with them, and after learning so much about them, both my partner and I managed to get in contact with them again and we started volunteering and racing for HAS. As a Sundown ambassador, I adopted HAS and not only did we raise funds, we garnered awareness and we had more people volunteering with us! Over the 3 years, both SCS and HAS become our driving force. We're now looking forward to coming back to Singapore during our summer break and race once more.

13) Sporting Elites: How can one become a charity athlete?

Jayve: Step 1, do it genuinely. 

Step 2, find a charity you wish to adopt. Your choice of charity can be motivated by a personal reason.

Step 3, get in contact with the charity, and find out how they need help. It isn't all about raising money, sometimes, all the charity need are volunteers, or essential items. 

Step 4, liase with an administrator from your selected charity, and always communicate. Let them know your plans, etc.

Step 5, choose your fund-raising platform. You can either pick sites such as or get your donors to mail cheques to your adopted charity. When it comes to money, it's best to pick a reliable platform and always keep your liason administrator in the loop


Step6, do it wholeheartedly, do it long term. It's a commitment. We wish to advocate to people who wants to be a charity athlete. It isn't a one-off event where you adopt a charity, race to raise money and then no longer follow up. It's a commitment, we would love to see it as a lifetime commitment, and it’s not just about raising the money and not getting yourself fully involved. The relationships forged with the beneficiaries go a long way. 

14) Sporting Elites: You mentioned about fishing, what got you into taking up fishing?

Jayve: My dad used to take me out fishing when I was a kid, we did all kinds of fishing. Including long-kang (drain fishing) we would climb into the canal and scoop fishes with our nets *daredevil parenting* haha, but we started finding time to get back to fishing only when I started dating my partner, and because I had to find the best time to introduce my partner to my dad, I figured we could all bond over fishing since both guys enjoy fishing. Ever since, fishing became our weekly affair! Haha

15) Sporting Elites:  Is fishing more of a leisure or competitive activity for you?

Jayve: Leisure, but at a pretty committed level. I've participated in a luring competition while filming for The Fishing Marathon and the experience was amazing!! The other kind of 'friendly competition' is when both my dad and my partner and I head out to fish. Sometimes it ends up with 2 vs 1, hahah. 


16) Sporting Elites: Being involved in so many different sports and competitive events, what would you consider to be your greatest fitness/sports achievement?

Jayve: My greatest sports achievement is the number of friendships forged with fellow athletes from all walks of life. I now have friends as young as 65 years old!

17) Sporting Elites: What future goals do you have in terms of Sports and Fitness?

Jayve: To stay healthy and fit, so I can keep trudging ahead to race for a cause! (for as long as my knees don't give up on me)

18) Sporting Elites: What advice do you have to other girls who wants to be fit like you?

Jayve: Goals are individual, it's true to you and you only. Out there, someone may run faster than you, someone may lift heavier than you, but that doesn't mean your efforts are not recognized. Work hard for you, and your own goals. Progress comes in sizes, however small, however big. Measure it in strength, not pounds, sometimes in smiles too!

Thank you so much for the wonderful interview Jayve!

Photo Credits: Jayve Goh


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