Interview with Fitness Ethusiast: Jayve Goh Part I

Posted on 1 Jul 19:36

 Jayve Mcfudge

Also known as Jayve Macfudge, this 22 years old girl is not just a normal fitness enthusiast but also a charity athlete with a heart of gold. Besides taking part in running races, fishing and all kind of sporting events, Jayve has also adopted Singapore Cancer Society (SC) and Handcycling Association Singapore (HAS). Read on for Part I of our interview with Jayve Goh.


1) Sporting Elites: Hi Jayve, can you introduce yourself to the readers of Sporting Elites?

Jayve: Hi, I'm Jayve! I'm 22 this year, and I'm doing my Bachelors in Science here in Western  Australia. My height is 1.69m tall and weighs around 55kg. I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to sports. 


2) Sporting Elites: What are the different sports that you have done or are currently doing?

Jayve: Hmmmm, Where should I begin...... Back in primary school, I played competitive softball for a good 3 years. Moving on to secondary school, being on the athletics team I competed in High jump, javelin and 400m races. It was only after my O's I decided to take a break from running and did Muay Thai at Punch Academy all through poly. Along the way, my passion for running rekindled, that's how I got back into long distance running.

I've picked up sport fishing not too long ago and I take it as an outlet to destress after racing or a week of training. Here in Perth, I play for the Cottesloe Rugby Team. It's contact rugby, the Aussie way. Hehe 

 Jayve Mcfudge


3) Sporting Elites: How did your fitness journey begin?

Jayve: It started when I was 3, my mom gave up on sending me to music classes because I just "couldn't sit still" haha. So they figured it would be a better if they enrolled me into swimming instead. From then on, sports have always been a part of my life, swimming, running, cycling and many more. I've been an outdoorsy person pretty much all my life. 


4) Sporting Elites: How did your passion for fitness emerge?

Jayve: Hmmm..... while I was an active kid, I was still tipping the scales. However I didn't let my weight get to me. BUT, I took control of achieving a balanced lifestyle. So I'd say the passion came about when I was 'experimenting' with my workouts, and learning more about nutrition. I've always enjoyed the process of learning what works for me, and what doesn't. Perhaps this journey somehow moulded fitness as part of my lifestyle!

 Jayve Mcfudge Run for Cover


5) Sporting Elites: What are the competitive sporting events that you have taken part in?

Jayve: I've taken part in the National Junior Softball League, and athletics events such as National Junior and Wings. As for running and triathlons, thankfully, my sponsors were very supportive, they have given me numerous of opportunities to participate in a number of events like Sundown Marathon, Metasprint, Osim Triathlon, Real run, Standard Chart KL/SIN, etc. 


6) Sporting Elites: We see that you have taken part in many different running event, from 10km run to Marathons, ultra-marathons, duathlons and triathlons. Which one of these events is your favorite and why?

Jayve: I don't exactly have a specific favorite event. As crazy as it sounds, I favor the training process prior to the actual event. It's an opportunity for me to experiment with my nutrition, vary my training programs and then test it out on the actual race day! With that said, I really enjoy the race atmosphere for full marathons and triathlons. The competitive mood does get intense, but the crowd you race amongst with are always full of encouragement. That's probably what I love, the atmosphere.

7) Sporting Elites: What are your personal best for some of the races?

Jayve: Over the years, a few (significant) personal best includes coming in as overall women champion for Metasprint Triathlon Sprint Series and Metasprint Duathlon & Aquathlon series, podium finish of 8th placing at the Adidas King of the Road, and recently here in Perth I competed in the Western Australia's John Forrest X-country and came in 2nd. However, the most recent PB broken was finishing a jar of peanut butter in 2 days. Wooooohoooo


8) Sporting Elites: How have the races nurtured you as a person?

Jayve: When it comes to endurance sports. Every race is a reflection of a "report card". I've had my fair share of good and bad days out on the race course. Racing has taught me never put up a half-ass attitude. If you slack on your trainings, it reflects your discipline and your hunger to do well. I've been through days where I take things to extreme, going hard which resulted in a longer recovery down time. It's all about having a curious mind and a willing heart to learn, learn from your personal experiences, and learn from fellow athletes. As long as you don't stay down when you falter, you have another brand new shot at taking on another challenge again. I'm blessed to have opportunities to race against stronger competitors of other nationalities, and through it all, I'm even more grateful to have found purpose and fulfilment from racing for a cause. 

In the last 3 years, volunteering and racing to raise funds and awareness for Singapore Cancer Society and Handcycling Association of Singapore has rewarded me with fulfilment. Knowing that I've crossed the finishing line with money raised to help the kids of HAS take another closer step to achieving their goals, and that the this bit of funds can help make the lives of beneficiaries from SCS better, that purpose glows brighter than any medals!!


9) Sporting Elites: To be able to take part in such physical demanding events, you got to be working real hard. What is a weekly fitness routine for you like?

Jayve: To save up for Uni, I took a gap year back in Singapore, I juggled work as well as filming for the Fishing Marathon Series, so I would either go for a early morning run/ swim before the day starts and if I do get home early I usually hit the gym. On Saturdays where my partner and I volunteer at HAS, we run alongside with the kids as they handcycle, and I usually take my long bike rides on Sunday mornings with the senior HAS team. 

Here in Perth, I'm paying dues on my own, so I shuttle between uni and work. Because of time constraint, the only way to keep up with clocking mileage I alternate between running home from school which is about 18-22km depending on the route, or cycling to and from school. This usually happens 2-3 times a week, where my school timetable complements my work schedule. On days where I don't have work scheduled, I hit the gym with my partner.

Stay tune for Part II of our interview with Jayve Goh!

 Photo Credits: Jayve Goh

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