Interview with Fitness Enthusiast: Darren Stephen Lim Part II

Posted on 18 Jun 16:18
Darren Stephen Lim

Ever wonder what goes on in the life of a man hunt competitor? What is his workout regime or what does his diet consist of?

Sporting Elites caught up with 2nd Runner-up of Singapore Man Hunt 2009, Darren Stephen Lim to find out more. Read on for Part II of our interview with Darren.


8) Sporting Elites: What is a daily routine in D’Fitness like for you as the owner of the gym?

Darren: From Mondays to Fridays, work starts at 8a.m. all the way through lunchtime because that’s peak hour at our facility. I’ll try and squeeze in time for a quick lunch around 3p.m.. Most days, I won’t even have time for a proper meal so its protein shakes and bars to the rescue. Work usually ends around 11p.m.

I used to work entire weekends as well, but one of my resolutions this year was to spend more time with family and friends, so I’m in the gym on Saturdays only from 9a.m. till about 6p.m. Discipline in routine is important, so I change things up in terms of what I do on a daily basis.


9) Sporting Elites: What are your current workout regime?

Darren: If I had the time, I'd do a mass building workout in the morning, followed by a full body routine in the afternoon, and a routine based on mobility, stability, and movement in the evening.

Here is two sample of workout routine that I would like to share with the readers of Sporting Elites.

Sample Shoulder Mass routine for beginners.

1) Seated Barbell Press 4sets 12,10,8,6

2) Seated DB Press 3sets 6,8,10

3) Front DB Raise 2sets 10,10

4) DB Lateral Raise 3sets 8,8,10

5) Bent-Over DB Lateral Raise 3sets 8,8,10

Sample total body routine for beginners.

1) Front Raise 3x20

2) Lateral Raise 3x20 

3) Push Press 3x20

4) Pull-up or Assisted Pull-up to 2xFailure

5) Bench Press 3x20

6) Hammer Curl 2x20

7) Bench Dips 2xFailure

8) BodyWeight or Barbell Squats 3x20

9) Calf Raises 3x25

10) Plank 3x30 seconds  


10) Sporting Elites: What is your secret to that washboard like 6 pecs?

Darren: There is no secret besides hard work and discipline. Hint: A total body workout will get you there faster. 

11) Sporting Elites: What are your current diet like? Are you very particular about your daily calories intake?

Darren: I do not follow a strict diet. The key is to take everything in moderation and to make sure you are consuming sufficient nutrients from every food group. Once in a while, I do indulge in fast food, chocolates, and sushi.


12) Sporting Elites: What would you consider to be your biggest fitness achievement so far? 

Darren: Providing myself, trainers, and clients with a holistic fitness education and training regime which inform that fitness is not just about looking good, but also about how it can create a permanent positive change in anyone's life. Do things right and work hard at it to get better every day. As a result, we will achieve lifetime goals.


13) Sporting Elites: What are your future goals for your personal fitness achievement? 

Darren: I would love to win the WBFF Worlds Pro Fitness Model championship. 


14) Sporting Elites: What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start exercising? 

Darren: There's no time like the present. Start now!

Thank you Darren for the great interview!

Photo Credits: Darren Stephen Lim


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