Interview with Fitness Enthusiast: Darren Stephen Lim Part I

Posted on 9 Jun 21:16


Interview with fitness Enthusiast Darren Stephen Lim

Ever wonder what goes on in the life of a Man Hunt competitor? What is his workout regime or what does his diet consist of?

Sporting Elites caught up with 2nd Runner-up of Singapore Man Hunt 2009, Darren Stephen Lim to find out more. Read on for Part I of our interview with Darren.

1) Sporting Elites: We understand that you are an active and inspiring fitness enthusiast. Can you introduce yourself to the readers of Sporting Elites?

Darren: Hi, my name is Darren, I am the Director and Master Trainer of D’Fitness Pte. Ltd., as well as an international competitive fitness model.


2) Sporting Elites: We understand that you have previously taken part in Singapore ManHunt 2009, what are your achievements and what does these achievements mean to you?

Darren: I was awarded the 2nd Runner-up for Singapore ManHunt 2009 and also Mr Popularity, Mr Fabulous Tan and Mr Fitness/Mr NutriFirst Award. I have learned a lot about the industry, people, and myself, from participating in these prestigious pageants. I take every experience as a push towards becoming a better person, and I am thankful for the many opportunities I had.


3) Sporting Elites: What are other fitness competition you have taken part in?

Darren: Nutriman 2013, and most recently, WBFF Fitness Model Miami 2014. Other than these, I have also taken part in other competitions. The following are the awards that I have achieved at the various competition.

DNAFIT Ambassador 

WBFF Miami 2014 Fitness Model Top 5

Nutrishred 2014 Master Trainer

Nutriman 2013 2nd Runner-Up

Calendar Guy Cover 2010

Cleo Bachelor 2009 Magazine Cover - Bachelor Most Made for Stardom Award

And a contract with Fly Entertainment

 Darren Stephen Lim

4) Sporting Elites: When did you start leading a healthy lifestyle and working out regularly? And what was your inspiration?

Darren: I was very sickly as a child. Engaging in sports and exercise during my teenage years changed my life, and I would love to inspire others to do the same for themselves. I looked up to big-time athletes like Michael Jordon and of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


5) Sporting Elites: What other sports do you do?

Darren: Basketball and soccer. I am particularly interested in Basketball, it has always been my favourite sports


6) Sporting Elites: We know that you have set up a gym, D’Fitness in 2011, can you tell us what D’Fitness is about?

Darren: D’Fitness was set up with a vision of changing the way the world trains. Before doing that, we ensure our trainers have relevant training qualifications. We are also actively involved in ongoing learning and expanding our knowledge of fitness. Through the latest fitness innovations and methods, we help clients reach their goals in a realistic manner. In this way, each person's potential is maximized.

 Darren Stephen Lim

7) Sporting Elites: What is the unique feature that D’Fitness have as compared to other gyms?

Instead of cookie-cutter training regimes, we customize each and every workout to the client’s needs and ability. Keeping things fresh and interesting is how we engage and motivate clients on a daily basis. 

Darren Stephen Lim


Stay tune for Part II of Interview with Fitness Enthusiast: Darren Stephen Lim!

Photo Credits: Darren Stephen Lim


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