Interview with Fitness Enthusiast: Kelyn Lau Part II

Posted on 26 May 21:19

Keyln Lau

Sporting Elites caught up with Singapore's very own fitness enthusiast, Kelyn Lau. Cycling, Run, Swimming and Weights Training, this girl is interested in all and continues to do so on a very regular basis. Read on for Part II of our interview with Kelyn!


8)  Sporting Elites: How is your daily diet like? Do you prepare your own meals?

Kelyn: And yes! I love preparing my own meals! It's like so much cheaper, bigger portion and healthier!! I think my all-time favourite would be dark chocolate banana milkshake which consist of 2 square of 90% dark chocolate, banana, omega 3 milk, flax seeds, chia seeds, chunky omega 3 peanut butter, almond nuts and a cup of ice. 


9)  Sporting Elites: What is your secret to those six pecs?

Kelyn: I believe the saying of "abs are made in the kitchen". 70% diet, 30% exercise! I’m still working towards the washboard 6 pecs!

10)  Sporting Elites: Do you provide personal fitness trainings?

Kelyn: I don’t provide personal training, but I love working out with friends. We would work out together and share our knowledge and experience together.


11)  Sporting Elites: Do you have like-minded friends who are also a fitness enthusiast like you? And do you guys work out together?

Kelyn: Yes! I am learning calisthenics with @artyz, @wokj and @mr.turbo8.

12)  Sporting Elites: What would you consider to be your biggest fitness achievement so far?

Kelyn: That would be mental strength. Through the years of working out, I have trained myself to be mentally strong. Be it the hard workouts or in life, it has allowed me to get through it strong.


13)  Sporting Elites: If there is a Long distance running and a Weight lifting competition for you to choose from, which one would you choose to take part in and why?

Kelyn: I would take part in long distance running despite being not much of a runner. Weight lifting has never attracted me. At least for a long distance running, there will be scenery to look at, but its also quite a torture to when I'll be able to get to the finish point. This will again allow me to test and build up my mental strength. Hah!

14)  Sporting Elites: Last but not least, any advice to anyone out there who wants to start working out and look like you?

Kelyn: Hmm.. I think most importantly is to find sports that interest you. That will keep you going. Go on a healthy diet but something that will suit your taste bud. But I was never a meat or veg eater. Until i get to the point that, "I really want that abs", I push myself into eating them because my body needs it and I fell in love with them. I think taste bud change overtime so, probably just need time to get used to it! And lastly, it would be this phrase from Mr LKY, "Believe it, be discipline, determined, consistent and persistent".


 Thank you Kelyn for the great interview!

 Photo Credits: Kelyn Lau


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