Interview with Fitness Enthusiast: Georgina Poh Part II

Posted on 30 Apr 21:33

Sporting Elites caught up with Singapore's very own fitness enthusiast, Georgina Poh. At 1.7m tall, 58kg, the 21 years old student definitely got the fit body that many would be envy of. Read on for Part II of our interview with Georgina!

8)  Sporting Elites: How is your daily diet like? Do you go into details like counting every single calories that you consume?

Georgina: I don’t count my calories cause I’m not competing so I don’t really see the need for it. I basically eat what I want but in moderation. Quick tip: share your desserts & no soft drinks in your diet. Ever.


9)  Sporting Elites: You have the 6 pecs that guys would love to have and the girls would be envy about, what are your secrets to attaining the 6 pecs?

Georgina: hahaha I don’t exactly have 6 pecs uhh I’m sure they can be attain through strict diet & working out regularly. When it comes to the abdominal area, diet really plays a big role. Whenever I’m preparing for a shoot, I will try to cut out junk & fried food completely. Try it out & you will see how much change it can actually do.


10)  Sporting Elites: What is the latest fitness workout that you are into? Can you tell us more about it?

Georgina: I was recently sponsored by TirisulaYoga for a Yoga Teacher Training Course and I really love it cause its so different from my usual gym workouts. I used to think that yoga is relaxing and slow but boy, was I wrong. Ashtanga yoga requires a lot of stamina and strength which was really challenging and at the same time, I needa build my flexibility too. hahah I kinda love the challenge. 


11)  Sporting Elites: Being a student with a busy schedule, how do you find time to work out and keep fit?

Georgina: I always make sure to plan my week ahead. I think planning is really important. I guess it also depends on how important the workout is to you. No matter how busy you may be, if it matters to you, you will definitely make time for it.


12)  Sporting Elites: What are your plans after studies? Do you plan to go into fitness coaching full time?

Georgina: heheh I haven’t really thought much bout that yet cause I’d never know what will happen in the next year or so. 


13)  Sporting Elites: What would you consider to be your biggest fitness achievement so far?

Georgina: Hmm. I think that would to be able to touch/ change lives. It still really catches me off guard and make my day to know that I’m helping to inspire/ motivate people. I’m always super touch and grateful whenever I receive emails/comments saying that I managed to help them change their lifestyle for the better. 

14)  Sporting Elites: What advice do you have to other girls who wants to be fit like you?

Georgina: Don’t expect fast results, do it because you want to be healthier and just enjoy the journey. 

Make this a lifestyle change and not just a 3/4 weeks/months plan. It may seem impossible but you will definitely get there eventually if you don’t give up :)

Thank you Georgina for the great interview!

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