Interview with Fitness Enthusiast: Georgina Poh Part I

Posted on 23 Apr 20:57

    Georgina Poh

    Sporting Elites caught up with Singapore's very own fitness enthusiast, Georgina Poh. At 1.7m tall, 58kg, the 21 years old student definitely got the fit body that many would be envy of. Read on for Part I our interview with Georgina!


    1)  Sporting Elites: Hi Georgina, Can you introduce yourself to the readers of Sporting Elites?

    Georgina: Hi :) I’m Georgina Poh aka @sugarrandspice on ig. I’m currently taking a Degree in Sports Science and I’m pretty much a fitness junkie heh


    2)  Sporting Elites: What are the various fitness trainer qualifications do you have?

    Georgina: I’m a certified Personal Trainer under the American Council of Exercise(ACE), I’m also a certified TRX trainer, Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Nike Training Club Trainer.


    3)  Sporting Elites: What inspired you to take up so many different qualifications?

    Georgina: I took up the ACE cert because I wanna learn more about fitness and hopefully work in this field in the future. The other certs are sponsored by the various organisations who are really kind to offer me the opportunity to further myself.


    4)  Sporting Elites: Have you been coaching actively?

    Georgina: I do part-time PT as I’m still studying in Uni and it kinda takes up a lot of my time. 


    5)  Sporting Elites: Have you taken part in any fitness competition before? Or are you planning to take part in any fitness competition?

    Georgina: Nope. I have not taken part in any competition before & I’m not thinking bout giving it a go as it’s not something that I’m interested in. I started training simply cause I enjoy it and competing has never crossed my mind before. 


    6)  Sporting Elites: When did you start leading a healthy lifestyle and working out regularly? And what was your inspiration?

    Georgina: I’m pretty much active since secondary school days where I was in dance & netball. I started working out 2 years ago and I didn’t exactly have an inspiration. It was more of trying out new things/form of exercise hehe.


    7)  Sporting Elites: What is your weekly workout regime like?

    Georgina: I typically do resistance training 3-4times a week and cardio 1-2 times a week. I focus on a total body approach to ensure I am strong, possess a good amount of lean mass and have good cardiovascular endurance at the same time. I split my workout into four days (each workout is around an hr long). On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I lift weights, focussing on the different body parts for each day like Chest, shoulders and biceps on Mondays, back and triceps on Wednesdays and legs on Fridays. On Sundays I run about 30-45minutes at a moderate pace at the reservoir 


    Stay tune for Part II of our interview with Fitness Enthusiast, Georgina Poh!

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