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Posted on 20 Jan 20:26

Muscle Building, Fat Loss, Crossfit, Are You looking for a Personal Trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals?

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Stephen Ng PErsonal Training

Name: Stephen Ng

Contact Details: +65-92986355

Personal Training Certifications: BEC by Singapore sports council, FIC by Singapore sports council and ASCA level 1 by Australian strength and conditioning association. 

Rates: $50 for a first trial session, $65 for subsequent single session, or $600 for 10 session package

Trainer's Shout-out:

I would describe myself as a very determined and highly motivated person. I really enjoy helping people achieve their goals and making sure they feel good about themselves. I'm known for being a great listener and I pay attentions to all the details of the client's needs. I believe in learning from mistakes so I'll always share my experience from what I've learn and hoping people can get something out of it.
Hag vinworked with people from different aspect of fitness, I believe my experience can help clients achieve their fitness goals be it strength, physique or running. Training smart and having a sustainable diet has always been my beliefs as I don't believe in short term but long term consistency progress. Contact me now for more information!



Max Koh Personal Training

Name: Max Koh

Contact Details: +65-98423612

Personal Training Certifications: American Muscles & Fitness Personal Training (AMFPT) certified Personal Trainer since 2009, Singapore Schools Sports Council certified Sports Leader, Principle of Strength Training Course by National Institute of Education(NIE) IN 2014

Achievements: Conducted paid workshop for modelling boot camp by Edgemedia Holdings in 2010 to educate on Health, Fitness & Nutrition, Male beauty pageant Top 10 finalist of Mister Singapore 2009 (Mister Sembawang)

Rates: $75/hr

Trainer's Shout-out:

I have been actively coaching since 2009 after the Mister Singapore pageant. Having achieved a lean, toned and probably much admired physique, I would like to impart my knowledge and experiences to others. As a sports enthusiast, I personally believe in keeping fit and staying in shape. Doing so not only improves one's quality of life but is also a great confidence booster. Over the years, I have helped clients achieve their unique fitness goals- ranging from losing weight, gearing up for National Service, training up for the first run/marathon and toning for both ladies and men. I customise programmes specific to individual's needs and fitness capabilities and train progressively to avoid stagnation. Be it in gyms or even the outdoors, programmes are designed to avoid training plateau. I believe in application learning. I educate my students on muscle physiology- how each muscle group works and how we can train them for functional purposes. Made your fitness resolutions and not quite sure how to go about achieving them? Contact me now for a free fitness consultation session!


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